Italian Cousins


The Ballandean Estate family would like to share with you what makes being Italian so special.  Join the family and enhance your life with sensory packages, blogs and connections with all things Italian.

Italian Cousins is an Italian Food, Wine, Cultural and Educational Experience.  It arrives at your door every four months as a package of food, wine, goodies and surprises!  Italian Cousins communicates with you throughout the year All Things Italian through blogs, emails, facebook, links and gives you the opportunity to journey to Italy bi-annually.

Cousin Benefits:
Every 4 months Italian Cousins brings you:

6 Premium Ballandean Estate Wines perfectly matched to our delicious recipes
Handmade pasta and other tempting goodies
Authentic Italian cooking Ingredients
Collectible recipes from our family recipe books
Surprises (we love to surprise family)
An exclusive invitation to our annual Scampagnata (Italian Picnic)
15% off wines purchased at the Ballandean Estate Cellar Door

First Access to our Italian Cousins - All things Italian Tour of Italy (approx every 2 years)
When do I receive it and what does it cost?

Italian Cousins arrives at your door every March, July and November and costs $199 per package + $8 freight per package.