Winemaking at Ballandean Estate

Our Winemaking Philosophy

"It aint over till it's over".. Dylan Rhymer.

Nothing is left to chance. It's all about attention to detail. Starting in the vineyard with a blend of science and years of experience in the Granite Belt growing grapes, to bring in our fruit in its optimal condition. Then there's the winemaking. Coaxing that fruit into releasing everything it has to offer. Constantly striving to make something different and wonderful to show you, but still respecting its integrity. Right through until that wine gets poured from the bottle into your glass and you're savouring  the aromas and flavours.  Then it's over. Just for that wine though. We'll see you at the next.

Our Winemaker

Dylan Rhymer

I took the position of Chief Winemaker for Ballandean Estate Wines in 2000.

I've been living and making wine in Queensland for 17 years now. In the time I've been here I have seen the Queensland Wine Industry grow in leaps and bounds. The quality of our wines holds up to that of any other state. This is greatly due to the diversity of tertiary qualified and nationally/ internationally experienced winemakers and viticulturalists that now call Queensland home. Some are new to the industry here, some are sons and daughters returning to their family wineries.  But in their hands our industry will only get better as time goes by. The Queensland Wine Industry is a great place to be.

** Studied Hotel Management in Wellington, New Zealand

** Diploma of Wine Science 

** First Winemaking Position: Brookfields Vineyards Hawkes Bay

** Flying Winemaker in Bulgaria, Romania, Spain, South Australia.

** 2000 Chief Winemaker, Ballandean Estate Wines