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A funny story about Malvasia…
The excitement was growing in the Ballandean Estate office and winery with the anticipated release of this wine well before it was in bottle. I’d call up Leeanne and introduce myself as Mal Vasia from Stanthorpe Smash Repairs and drag out some ridiculous conversation about her husband Mario’s bashed up car – Mario is a car freak so Leeanne took it all very seriously and went along hook line and sinker – til she realised it was me and a few choice words were exclaimed. You had to be there I suppose…
This is Ballandean Estate’s twelfth alternate variety and the first Malvasia to be released on the Granite Belt. Less than 200 cases of the variety were made Australia wide in 2018 with Ballandean Estate contributing 90 of them.

Originally from Croatia (but others have since suggested to me Greece is its homeland) and grown in northern Italy, it’s a late flowering and early ripening aromatic variety.
Planted in 2015 on one acre, things kick off with lemongrass and a thread of citrus running through the core. Spending three months in oak to add some texture through the mid-palate, its crisp and dry searching for sunshine and sand to match. The citrus sits somewhere between tangelo and lemonade fruit. The longer I peruse the more white stonefruit characters start to emerge. Time in the glass reveals a candied pear-like character. Touches of honey give way to a taut acidity before a zippy and tangy finish. A pretty clever debut and a double thumbs up from me.

Drink now to three years.


Region: Granite Belt
RRP: $30

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